Goals have so many components to them.  There is the “what you want,” then there is the “how you gonna get it” and there is the “why do this thang”…and in any one of those areas we can get off track, give up and end up in the spin cycle of life where we rinse and repeat our days…day after day.

We can get so caught up in the outcome,  and what it means to achieve the goal, that we lose sight of who we are becoming in the process, and that my friends is where the gold is.  It’s in the process.

I know it’s easy to compare where you are to where you want to be and feel like you have so far to go.  You can find yourself asking, what’s the point?  I had that very experience this past weekend.

This past weekend I was at a recognized dressage show and had a chance to watch the upper level riders ride.  It was breath-taking and awesome and then overwhelming.  As I watched their rides I was excited for the possibility that one day I could be that good.  When the inner critic committee showed up, I was reminded of how far I have to go, reminded of the work ahead and reminded of the sense of feeling like I don’t belong in this dream.

When you measure yourself against how far you have to go, you start cheating yourself.  You cheat yourself out of how far you have come already, you cheat yourself out of where you are now, and you cheat yourself out of your future, because on this train of thought, you feel like quitting.

Clearly defined goals, with measurable milestones, helps you understand if you are making progress.  And it’s all about making progress.  Getting 1% better every day.

When you measure yourself against how far you have come, you may find yourself in a space that you never imagined, you may actually find yourself smack dab in the middle of pursuing your dream.   You may find yourself doing the thing.

That also happened this weekend.

It was just a few years ago I was figuring out dressage and how to tack up my horse, what to wear, the protocol, the training, riding in that little saddle, all of it, and now we are showing at recognized shows and winning blue ribbons.

Every rider that I watched this weekend was, at one time, where I am today and that’s where hope and inspiration comes from, all the possibilities.

Someone was watching us, and thinking about the possibilities for them, she was kind enough to let me know this weekend, right when I needed to be reminded.

She said, “I remember when I was at the 2015 WDAA World Show I saw your ride on your red horse.  I was talking to friends and I had to stop the conversation to watch.  I just love the way that your mare travels.  You two have a very good connection, and you can see that she just loves her job…”

Someone was watching me three years ago when I was just getting started.  WHAT????

So while you are pursuing your dream and you are feeling like it’s a train wreck, all while feeling overwhelmed, tired and defeated, remember this…someone else may be watching you and dreaming of all of the possibilities.

Now go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!