“Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it.”— Jim Rohn

I love this quote and it can be applied to anything, not just wealth.

Working toward a goal, a really big one, a ginormous goal, grows you into a person that you would not become otherwise.  It transforms you.

It causes you to work smarter, learn more, show up in a big way, builds character, grit and determination.

Little goals don’t do that for you.  Little goals keep you moving and can keep you busy, maybe even distracting, but they don’t transform you.

In fact, if your goal doesn’t transform you, it might not be a goal at all, it might be a task or a project, and that’s OK as long as you weren’t expecting a major transformation.

I knew I wanted to compete with horses when we started our horse adventure 7 years ago — but I underestimated all of the things that becoming a competitive horsewoman would do for me, I also underestimated everything I’d need to learn and become as well.

Transformational goals teach you…

  • How to learn and become a great student.
  • How to generate and duplicate results.
  • How to show up in the world differently.
  • How to be with uncomfortable emotions.
  • How to define and redefine yourself.
  • How to manage your thoughts differently.
  • How to count on yourself, have your own back and be your biggest fan.
  • How to cheer generously for others and their success.
  • How to give praise and how to receive compliments and criticism.
  • How to develop patience, empathy, grace and gratitude.
  • How failure is nothing but a timing issue.
  • How to let go and how to hang on.
  • How to develop your instincts and trust yourself.
  • How to feel the fear and do it anyway.

What you learn and become is far more important than accomplishments.  In fact, if you over-attach yourself to your accomplishments, you’ll get fixated in your ego, you will get stuck.

Celebrate for a moment and then reset, calibrate and orchestrate a new goal.

What unrealistic goal are you trying to accomplish?

What is an unrealistic goal that you could pursuit that would facilitate the greatest transformation?  Do that!

Now go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!

photo credit:  Mary Lou Kultgen ~thank you Mary Lou!~