Chances are pretty good that you have a scarcity mindset.  It’s quite normal and part of the brain’s motivational strategy to avoid pain.

It’s not your fault.  A scarcity mindset is woven throughout our lives and society.

Scarcity is just a belief in a limited supply of anything – food, water, money, resources, time or relationships.  It can show up anywhere!  If it does show up anywhere, chances are it shows up at least a little bit everywhere.

I was surprised to expose my own scarcity mindset recently and now that I am aware, I am noticing how it shows up in the craziest ways.

The more I learn about it, the more I want to know about it.

The best news is that you can overcome and reverse and allow abundance at any time you choose.

With that, I am choosing abundance, and I am going to create a program to show you how you can too.

This is such a huge topic and way too much to blog about.  There will be a program, probably at the end of fall, first part of winter season.   For sure, after horse show season.

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Weight Loss Master Class June 2018

Now go be a goal getting, abundant, goal digger!!!