Has this every happened to you?

You land your dream job, or married your dream man, or you got weight off, or you just scratched off that big goal and you thought to yourself, “I should feel differently, I should feel happy and satisfied, but I don’t.” 

Accomplishment without self-worth is hollow and leaves us feeling like we aren’t deserving.  We should feel a sense of satisfaction but we don’t, or even when we do, it wanes and then we feel like crap.

We see it every day in the media.  Look at all of the musicians and actors who’s dreams have come true, they are living the dream they had as kids and yet, they are miserable.

It can happen.  Seriously.  You thought accomplishment and success would feel differently.

You may even think that something is wrong with you.  You must be ungrateful and selfish.  I mean, seriously, you just hit the jackpot, why aren’t you happy?

This is a real thing with your brain called Hedonic Treadmill.  It states that despite the fact that we win the lottery or hit that target goal, we quickly adjust to our fixed emotional mindset, whatever that mindset is.

So what this means is, if you woke up one day and your boss was perfect, your spouse was perfect, your kids were perfect, you won the lottery or lost all the weight etc… you would quickly adapt and adjust, dial down to your fixed emotional mindset.  You would not elevate your mindset as a result of your accomplishment or achievement, you would regulate to whatever your default mindset is.

What happens next?

Then we buffer.  We buffer with over shopping, over eating, over drinking, over TV watching, over video playing…filling ourselves up with stuff to feel better.

That my friends is why it’s so critical to understand our brains and to manage our thoughts.

We know these people, don’t be these people.

What can we do?

We can fix it if we are willing to recognize it.

Our brains default to the negative, it’s up to us to manage our brains to the thought that we want to think, the feelings that we want to have so that we can feel worthy of our results.

Here is how:

  • Ask yourself what you want. What’s “the thing” that you want to accomplish?
  • How will you feel when you get it?
  • What thoughts can you think now to feel this way today?
  • Think those thoughts today.

Achieve ahead of time.  That’s the opposite of failing ahead of time.  (For sure read this) 

Get your mindset right, get it so that when you hit that jackpot job, win that show, get that medal, or hit that weight goal, you are mentally ready for the success.

You must feel the self-worth of your future achievement today.

You must dial up your fixed mindset to receive the accomplishment with grace and be in awe of yourself.

Blow your own mind…don’t doubt it!

I know this is not easy, but it is simple.  Ping me if you have questions on how to get started feeling better today!

Now, go be a thought thinking, goal getting, goal digger!!!