I love everything about the thought model. I love that it has everything to do with achieving the results that you want in life.

Your brain is an amazing tool and you get to use it as you wish.

Here it is in a nutshell:
Circumstances trigger thoughts,
Thoughts trigger emotions,
Emotions become the fuel for action or even non-action
Actions or Non-Actions Drive results
The results line is 100% the reason that this thought model is so dadgum important!!

You must align your thoughts with the results that you want in order to get the results that you want.

If you have thoughts around money, you may struggle with making the money you want to make or having the career that you want.

If you have thoughts around  weight, you may struggle with losing weight and keeping it off.

If you have thoughts about being unworthy you may struggle in relationships.

Where you struggle is where your thoughts are!  That my dear is where the work to be done is.  That sounds like fun.

Several years ago I was not in a good place, emotionally. I felt like my marriage was in a bad place too.

Coincidence? I think not.

Every night after work I would wait by the door and breathe a sigh of relief every night that my husband’s truck pulled into the drive. I was convinced that he was going to leave me.

It’s strange but true that your brain tries to prove your thoughts true, whatever your thoughts are,  your brain will start seeking evidence that you are right.

You are that powerful!

So, no matter what evidence was presented to me, I could only see evidence that my marriage was over.

Those thoughts and emotions made me show up differently, needy, clingy, suspicious, small, immature, fragile, and desperate. I was showing up nothing like the woman he married. Nothing like the woman I wanted to be.

Sometimes we get confused in situations like this, we think that we must change the circumstances in order to change the thought and feelings and results. So we change husbands, change jobs, change friends etc… Especially if we are afraid we are about to get hurt.

We throw the first jab, we wall up so we don’t get hurt, we start protecting ourselves from the inevitable broken heart, and we prepare for the worse.

This feeling was very familiar, I had been here before..I was about to be here again.

You are only one thought away from relief. You are one thought away from the joy you want to feel, one thought away from changing the entire vibe in your life.

Trust me, I blamed him for my misery, for making me feel all of these negative emotions, for my insecurities.

How easy for me if I could do that, right?  “It’s not my fault after all, you are making me feel this way…”

The truth is, no one has that much power over you, no one. That power is yours, all yours. That’s beautiful news.

I had to ask myself what I wanted to feel, and think thoughts that were in alignment with what I wanted to feel.

I wanted to feel love, I am not talking from him, but for him and that’s different. That’s what I wanted to feel for him…love.

I started thinking thoughts about love instead of suspicion, love instead of being needy, love instead of fear…love!

Guess what I started feeling?

I just waaaaaay over simplified the process like crazy, but it is that simple, it’s just not easy.

What area in your life do you want a different result?

How would you feel if you got that result?

What would you think if you got that result?

That thought is available to you today, right now, go get it…think that thought today!

Now go be a thought thinking, goal getting, goal digger!!!