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Your Future You!

Your past does not define you or create your future…so stop going there!

We spend a lot of time wishing we had made better decisions, different choices etc…that kind of thinking does not serve you and robs you of your future self.

You know what looking back gets you?  A sore neck!  I know, that was so lame.  So something my dad would have said.

Your future you is available to you now.

That person that wants to travel that country explore that opportunity, create that thing, read that book, write that book, start that  business, scale that business, run that race, ski that slope, smell that ocean, climb that mountain, ride that bike, lift that weight, lose that weight for good…that person is available to you right now.

You know that thing that you have always wanted to do?  Go do it!

Now, go be a goal getting, goal digger!

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