Have you ever wonder why no matter how many times you try to change your behavior, you go back to the old ways of doing things, and end up getting the same old results?

Here is why…

We think more that 70,000 thoughts a day but 90% of them are the same thought over and over.

Your thoughts trigger emotions and your emotions drive behavior and behavior drives results.  If we only change our behavior and we don’t address the thoughts and feelings, we will default to old behaviors and eventually repeat the same results.

That’s why we successfully lose weight only to gain it back again.

That’s why we repeat the same destructive relationship issues,.

It’s why we struggle with job after job and the same workplace issues follow us.

It’s why we struggle with money…it’s tied to everything!

You can change your behavior just long enough, but old beliefs surface and then the emotions follow and we are right back where we started.

Think about any repeat issues you are having.  Really…do it…think about it.

We have default beliefs that we subconsciously live by.  We believe them without question or challenge.  Many of them are innocently learned by our parents and teachers, or born from our environment.

Regardless of how you acquired your beliefs, you can challenge them, you can rewire your thoughts and create new beliefs.

In fact, you can believe anything that you want.  You have the power, you have a choice.

The best way to start uncovering what you believe is by looking at how you show up in the world.  What do you shrink from, where do you show up small?

Look at the results in your life and question the thoughts and beliefs that created them.

I was told that I was a natural leader, pretty, and I would never have to worry about being alone.

I was also told I was not good in math and that I could not retain anything that I read and that I was not the creative one or the one that was good in school.  I grew up believing all of those things as if they were true.  Even with all of the evidence in my life that it was not true, I still believed that thought, and I showed up as if….

I can count at least a hundred times in my life that I either shrunk back or showed up really small.  I have carried my reading and comprehension issue like a legit learning disability.  I have been so attached to that belief for so long that I thought is was true.

What is holding you back because of what you believe about yourself?

What thought is in the back of your mind?

What do you want to do that contradicts a belief that you have?

What do you believe about money?

About happiness?

About living a life on purpose?

About living a life that you designed instead of by the defaults of your thoughts beliefs.

I was able to change my belief and you can too!

Now go be a new belief believing goal digger.