What are you practicing every single day?  No, really…what?

Whatever you are practicing, you are getting very good at.

Are you practicing giving in to negative self-talk or are you refusing it?

Are you practicing allowing the emotion or are you practicing resisting, and buffering with negative and numbing behavior?

Where does your mind go when left unattended?

Refuse the negative thought like you would refuse a cigarette.

“No thank you”

That’s it, that’s all, just “no thank you.”

You are too dumb, you are too old, you are worthless…

“No thank you.”

You are too fat, you are too skinny, you are too mean…

“No thank you.”

You are a terrible person, a terrible mom, a terrible boss…

“No thank you.”

You are worthy!  You have value!  You are enough!

“Thank you, don’t mind if I do!”


Now go be a goal digging goal digger!!!

Note:  Thank you to Anne Landers for capturing this beautiful picture.  I love old barns and the Oklahoma sky!