Here is week 3 of the Fat Burner Series

I am including a link to your very own Keto expert.  I could not even begin to do it better!  Click Here and Shop Healthful Pursuits.  I love Leanne and all of her knowledge, I know that you will too!

We are focusing on five more things this week.  Here is a video on cravings and urges that might be helpful.

You are going to continue everything that you did in week 1 and week 2.  This week you are going to add the following:

1. Eliminate more of the sugar and all sugar substitutes! You can’t be a fat burner on a sugar burner diet.  Look at the labels on your food and don’t eat anything that has more than 2g of sugar in each serving and keep it to only one serving.

Watch your dried fruit, ketchup, dressing, and barbecue sauce.  A single tablespoon of ketchup can have a teaspoon of sugar.  Yikes!!!!!

By the way…4.2 grams of sugar is a teaspoon.  It’s amazing where you will find sugar.  One of the worst offenders is yogurt!  You will find many well-meaning “healthy” yogurts that have 14 grams of sugar or more, that’s almost four teaspoons of sugar.  Sugar increases your appetite, and your insulin levels and that blocks fat burning.

Click here for more of the low-down on sugar.  I am not affiliated.

2.  Reduce your flour intake in half. This means pastas, breads, and crackers oh my!  Yes, just like sugar, flour has been processed down to a concentrated level, and  as a result we get a ginormous dopamine hit when ingested.  This leads to over eating and even binging cycles.

The old saying, “No one can eat just one” is soooooo true when it comes to flour and sugar.  These foods also tend to be your processed foods.

If you recall last week we added more whole foods to the plan and whole fats, so you can still eat, just reduce the carbs.  Fats and Protein are your new best friend!

3.  Eliminate snacks between meals.  By eliminating snacks you are going to be reducing sugar and flour and processed foods for sure.  Even if your snack of choice is carrots and celery, let’s get rid of the eating between meals pattern that we have going on.

Here is why…insulin.  When we eat anything, insulin goes up, when insulin goes up, the body can’t access the fat stores.

Going 4 to 5 hours between meals gives your body time to digest, dropping the insulin levels and accessing fat stores for fuel.

If you are adding more whole fat to your protocol you should start noticing that you are staying full longer.

If you already don’t snack, you are ahead of the game.  For you, let’s make sure you let at least four hours pass between meals.

4.  Add a 12 hour fast day once this week. What the heck???  Yes, you can do it and here is how.

Your last meal could be 6, 7 or even 8.  Don’t eat again until 12 hours have passed.  Heck, you will be sleeping for most of it.

Most of the time people aren’t really hungry as soon as they get up and many of us have force-fed ourselves breakfast because it was time or because we bought into the notion that breakfast is the more important meal of the day.

That last part is probably true but it doesn’t need to be as soon as we get up. We can wait a couple of hours, continue the fat burning for a little while and then break the fast with a nice meal of low carbs, no sugar and lots of full fat and protein.

A bacon and egg breakfast is the bomb and you can eat it at any time!

Here is how I do it.

My last meal is typically around 8, I am in bed and asleep by 10.  I wake at 6 and eat my first meal of the day at 10am.  That’s a 14 hour fast.  On weekends I try to do one day that is a 16 hour fast.

You can start with 10 hours and then push it to 11 etc…go slow.

Be thinking about your body going into your fat stores for fuel.  That is called “dining in.”

5.  Try do your cardio fasted. What does that mean?  A fasted workout helps ensure that carbs, protein and fats go to the right places in the body.

Exercise on an empty stomach has been shown to be especially good for fat loss, about 20% better.  Being fasted makes the body better at using its energy stores.

Now, I don’t mean get up and do a half marathon on an empty stomach.  By cardio I mean a brisk walk or light run.  Especially at first.  If you work out in the afternoon, just make sure at least four hours have lapsed before your workout.  That will give your body time to lower the insulin levels.

Safety first for all of these suggestions.

Remember, I am sharing with you exactly what I do and what many others have done to convert to a fat burner.

This may not be your thang and that’s OK!

Feel free to reach out to me if you need clarification or help in any way.

Now go be a fat burning goal digger!