How can I stop doing stuff that doesn’t make my life better, and start doing stuff that does makes my life better?

Now that is a great question and I think it’s worth a blog!

If we want different results we need different thoughts.

Remember, thoughts drive emotions and emotions drive action or non-action and actions drive results.

What is the result that you want?  I mean really, really want? Do you know?  Have you stopped long enough to listen, listened hard enough to hear?

We are afraid to ask sometimes, we are afraid to imagine a life that is beyond our grasp.

We fail ahead of time talking ourselves out of even trying because we can’t imagine that it would even be possible to have what we really want.

We talk ourselves out of it with our thoughts and emotions and then the behaviors and actions support the thoughts and the result is… more of the same.  Rinse and repeat!

Your thoughts are the lens into your life.

What are your thoughts?  What do you say to yourself? Do your results reflect your thoughts?

“I can’t, I don’t know how, I am not sure?”  None of these thoughts serve you, EVER!

The first step to stopping doing the stuff that does not serve you, is to stop thinking the thought that doesn’t serve you and start finding the ones that do serve you.

Try this…”I am figuring this thing out.”  “I am figuring out how to do this thang.”

No one ever figured anything out saying “I can’t.”

So, what do you want?  I mean, really, really want!

Now, go be a “go getting” goal digger.

note:  Thank you Lisa Watson for the lens in which you shot this photo.  Love your eye for beautiful photography.