Here is the 2nd week of the Fat Burner Series.  We are focusing on five more things this week.  Here is a video on cravings and urges.

You are going to continue everything that you did in week one and now you are going to add the following:

1. Ditch the sugar and sugar substitutes! You can’t be a fat burner on a sugar burner diet.  As much as I would love for you to be able to stop all sugar intake immediately, we will do this in stages.

You are going to have urges and cravings and you probably won’t like me very much but I am probably not the first person to mention that sugar kills.  Click here for all of the gory details on sugar.

This week cut your sugar intake in half.  If you are normally drinking soda or sugary drinks, this is a great place to start.  Look at your snacks, see if you can eliminate the snacks this week.  If you can, you will be that much further ahead next week.  Remember, we are doing this in stages.

2.  EAT MORE FAT!!!!  You can’t be a fat burner on a sugar diet, I know I just repeated  myself.

Our bodies need fat.  The “fat-free” craze has been a disaster for our diets.  If you have ever eaten anything that is fat-free you know what I mean.  You feel empty, not satiated, wanting more and justifying over eating by saying “buts it’s fat-free!”

Fat makes us feel full, it satiates, it helps with cravings and urges.  Seriously!

Look in your pantry and fridge and remove anything that says fat-free or reduced fat.

You still have to maintain your calorie allowance for your weight goals but you can eat fat, in fact, your body needs fat. Fat tastes good too.    Here is a great article.  I am not affiliated.

3.  In the first week we were mindful of the hunger scale and you should be journaling where you are before and after you eat. This week you are going to eat between the 2’s.

What that means is that you don’t want to get too hungry but you definitely want to get hungry.  You don’t want to get too full, but stop eating when you are no longer hungry.

When you first are aware of the growling in your belly (the ghrelin) be mindful of its presence, give it about 15 minutes to pass.  If you still feel it, eat.  If not, don’t.

This is so important that we eat only when we are hungry and that we stop when we are full.  We want to feel our hormones ghrelin (hungry hormone) and leptin (the full hormone) at work.  You may need to watch the cravings and urges video again.

As your body converts to a fat burner, you will notice that you will be able to go long periods of time without feeling hungry.  You may wake up and not be ready for breakfast for a few hours, that’s OK, that’s a good thing.  I know this week you may not be there yet, but stick with it, all in good time.

We have been eating so often by the clock or by the availability of food that we don’t know how to gauge our hunger and fullness.

The more often we eat, the higher our insulin levels stay.  When our insulin levels are high, our bodies cannot access our fats stores.

Giving your kidneys, liver and pancreas a break is a good thing.

4.  Prep and plan. The fourth thing to add is meal prep and plan.  This will save you in so many ways.  When you are tired and hungry you are in no condition to meal plan.  You will for sure eat the wrong thing and eat too much of it.

I do my plan and prep on Sundays with is also grocery day.  I look at my calendar for the week and eye ball any eating out activities.  Know where you are going and look up the menu.  Know what you are going to eat before you get there.  This is all part of conscious eating. I make note of any meals that I will need to bring with me like work or horse a show.

Do the shopping and then immediately clean and prep all of the fruits and veggies.  I make hard-boiled eggs and even get them peeled and ready to consume.  Here is another resource that I like for meal prep and planning.  Not affiliated.

5.  Eat 90% whole food. Whole foods are as nature made them like veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes.

Whole foods have fiber, make you feel full and provide the nutrition that your body was designed to live on.  This means eating no more than 10% Joy or convenience foods.  Convenience foods are loaded with added sugar, salt and preservatives that our bodies were not designed to tolerate.

Here is a great resource for converting to whole foods.  I am not an affiliate but I do love this sight a lot there is no way that I could define whole food any better.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need clarification or help in any way.

Now go be a fat burning goal digger!