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We all know how we gain weight, lose weight or maintain weight.  It’s just a math.

The challenge is that we don’t understand the drama part of it.   By drama, I mean mindset.   That is where the beast resides.  That’s where to work to be done resides.

No matter when you eat or what you eat you can categorize your eating type into one of four categories at any time.  You may eat differently at different times.  It’s important to know and understand your type.

Joy/Bliss/Pleasure:  This eat type is about the entertainment value of food and how it pleases us from the satisfaction of the “crunch” factor we are craving or the sweet or salty flavor we have our taste buds set on.  Maybe it’s the thought of the creaminess in the food that brings you joy.

There is nothing wrong with “Joy” food as long as it is maintained to 10% of your eating plan and only eaten on the hunger scale and never at the effect for our subconscious or “eating under the influence.”

Fog:  When we eat without awareness of how we feel on the hunger scale, without awareness of how much we are eating or how it makes our bodies feel, we are fog eating.

I fog eat at night…in the middle of the night…half asleep.  When I do that, I could not tell you how much I have eaten or where I was on the hunger scale.

Sometimes we fog eat when we are out to eat or at the movie theater, we are so preoccupied with something else, we are unaware of our food consumption.  We don’t really even taste the food!

While you are food journaling, keep track of fog eating.  Be curious about how and when it happens, what were the triggers, how did you feel after?

This is not permission to beat yourself up, just be curious.

Storm/Hurricane:  Storm eating is a binge style of eating.  We know we are doing it and we know what we are doing and yet we feel out of control.  This can be triggered by deprivation for long periods of time or emotional overload.  The aftermath is devastating and we can really get caught in a vicious cycle.

I have experienced this after a long, multi day show.  It’s not a proud moment.

The first step in overcoming this type of eating is to stop beating yourself up!  Be curious and ask yourself with compassion, “what happened, and what can I do differently?”   Just like you would ask a friend, be your own best friend in this moment and just be curious.

The most important thing to learn from the experience is that you are in control and it doesn’t have to happen ever again.

Fuel:  Fuel eating is eating food that serves your body, adds value and is nutritionally dense.  This is our goal during the Fat Burner series.   A fuel eater doesn’t eat for the entertainment value, but seeks to provide substance.   My personal goal is to be a 90% fuel eater and 10% joy eater.

Now, I think most of us understand how important it is to eat healthy but I want to offer this in way of a mindset shift.

Mindset Shift – The food on your plate (the currency) must be consumed and then converted into fuel for your body.   Hang with me now…

When you consume food that is low on the nutritional density scale, you are giving your body a low currency exchange rate.

When you consume food that is high on the nutritional density scale, you are giving your body a high currency exchange rate.

A low currency exchange rate is starving your body of the nutrition that it needs to provide you the energy that you need.  Your body will make adjustments to conserve energy and become a slow burner.

We call that a slow metabolism.

On the other hand, a body that is getting a high currency exchange rate will in turn give you the energy that you need right when you need it.  It will be metabolically efficient.

The plan: When you look at the food on your plate, think about the currency exchange rate.  Enjoy each bite, think about the feeling in your body as you eat, be mindful of the hunger scale, stop when you are full.  Journal, journal, journal.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and leave a comment, I read them all!

Now, go be a fat burning goal digger!

Note:  next video will be about cravings and urges…I promise!