This is the kick off of a series of blogs designed to convert our bodies from sugar burner to fat burner.  Video Link.

What does “fat adapted” mean?   Fat adaptation is the process of your body learning how to use fat as fuel.  Being fat adapted means that your body knows 100% that fat is its fuel.    Your body has built up the enzymatic and metabolic process to effectively burn fat as fuel.  It is the way our bodies were designed to work normally.

What are the benefits? 

  • Fat burners burn stored fat for an even dose of energy throughout the day. We all want to burn that extra fat we carry around. I call that “Dining in”
  • Being fat adapted means that you have more steady energy throughout the day without the sugar crashes.
  • Fat burners have lighter thoughts.
  • Your ability to handle every day stress is elevated
  • Fat burners have an increased level of focus.
  • Being fat adapted offers metabolic flexibility. That means that you can burn the fat on your body and the food in your food…yeah!!!!
  • Fat burners notice positive effects on hormones issues.
  • Fat burners can go a long time without eating and getting the hangries.
  • Fat burners can endure exercise without carb loading.
  • Fat Burners sleep better
  • Fat Burners have fewer cravings and urges.

One of the many hormones produced by your fat cells is leptin, which plays a role in appetite control, it sends a message to your brain that says you are full.  Excess body fat can cause a condition known as leptin resistance, which means your brain isn’t affected by leptin even though your body contains higher levels of it.  We want to get in touch with leptin again!

Because becoming fat adapted is a process we are not going to do it all in one swoop, we are going to layer behavior and food protocol changes.  We have some habits to delete and habits to add.  We have mindsets to shift.

What will you learn?

  • How to have a healthy relationship with food, no more food chatter.
  • Understand the triggers behind cravings and urges and learn tools to help you get past them.
  • How to deal with over-desire, what it means and what to do.
  • Eating “under the influence” (subconscious and emotions eating) is never the answer.
  • How to eat like a fat burner
  • A different mindset around eating all together so it becomes a pleasurable experience that fuels your body, no more thought drama around food
  • Understanding how to deal with our emotional connection to food.
  • I want to teach you how we got here so you don’t go back.

What would it mean if you could actually control the desire to over eat?  What if you could live in a world where over desire is not an issue and food chatter is gone?

Diets take away the food but leave you with the old desire to eat.

We restrict our food without dealing with our desire to over indulge and then we are left feeling deprived and then the answer becomes to over eat…again.

The next blog and video will be a game changer for you.  You will be able to use what you learn to affect anything in your life where you want different result.

I am excited you are here!

Now, go be a goal digger.

Physical VS Emotional eating

This program is not designed to address eating disorders.  If you are struggling in that area, please contact me for resources.  Always consult with your doctor before making radical changes to your nutritional needs.