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Wrapping It Up

Hopefully you have finished the 10 Day Inner Critic Challenge.  Time to debrief with yourself and I would love to hear how it went for you!  Leave me a comment.

  • What did you learn about your inner critic during the mindfulness exercise?
  • What surprised you most about the self-love exercise? Was it hard to find 100 things that you like about you or was it a piece of cake?
  • What about your positive affirmation statements? Are they strong enough to put your inner critic in place?  Are they believable?
  • And finally, what is you why? Did you find your compelling reason or are you still looking?

If you struggled with any of these exercises, don’t worry, you are normal.  Doing these exercises is like a workout for your brain and your heart, and a 10 challenge can feel like a 10K.  You might be feeling a little fatigued at the thought of focusing on your goals right now, this work can be exhausting, and yet sooooooooooo worth it.

Take some time to reflect on your results.  Did you give yourself a chance to experience growth or did it get to difficult and so you quit?  Either way that you respond is OK but be real with yourself.

Remember this spot, and if you feel like you are having trouble staying motivated, and that your inner critic is having her way with you again, come back here, do it again.

Stay tuned for February.  It’s not just about hearts and flowers and love and all things Valentines.  It’s going to be about converting your sugar burning body into a fat burner…yaaaaaasssss!!!!!

Now, go be a Goal Digger!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Wrapping It Up

  1. Janet, I enjoyed the challenge. I’ve added a few goals since I started. Coming up with 100 things I like, love or appreciate about myself was tough! Took me at least 4 days to get through it. I do recognize my inner critic now. She won’t shut up. I am working on it! I have written my goals out from a viewpoint of abundance and will keep reading those to myself daily. The thing I will remember most is going to be “He/she is doing the best they can”. I keep hearing myself think that when my hubby irritates me. 🙂 And, in a few other instances so far. Thank you for all the time I am sure you put into this!

  2. I love the way the lessons built one onto the other so after the ten day challenge I now have a whole new skill set, or tool for my toolbox. Can’t wait for February!

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