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OK, we are into the final stretch of the Day Inner Critic Challenge.

This is where we ice the cake!

Mindfulness, Positive Affirmation, and Compelling Reasons are the three tools that we use to trump the brains Motivational Triad and its motivational strategy to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy.

It’s time to add the “why” to our tool box.  Commitment is the start of the compelling reason, but it’s not the reason.  In fact, the compelling reason is what determines your level of commitment.  The more compelling the reason, the deeper the commitment.

Your commitment is the stance of knowing what you will do regardless of what happens.  I want you to spend some time thinking about the power of commitment.  It’s the “no matter what.”  It means, I will do this even though it’s hard, even though it’s not popular, even when I don’t feel like it, verses, as long as it’s easy and doesn’t cost me anything.  Or, as long as no one judges me or makes me feel silly.

Give your goals some thought.  Are they in the “even when” bucket or the “as long as” bucket.  It’s ok to have goals that are in the “as long” as bucket, no problem, no judging.  Just as long as you understand that these goals are not the ones that will be transformative at this time.

It’s ok if something is more of an interest than a commitment.   I know lots of people who started out being interested in something and then commitment came.

My husband is a great case study in this.  Several years ago he developed an interest in running.  He ran with me a few times and would run with me as long as…and he had a list. Then he made a decision to run a marathon the year he turned 50.  He committed to the training and did it even when the weather sucked, even when he was tired, even when he would rather not, even when I tried talking him out of it, and then became a marathoner.

Case study #2, same husband…started with an interest in biking.  We biked often as long as it was nice, not too windy, and not too hot.  Then he committed to training for the Hotter Then Hell 100 mile bike race in Texas and did it!

Case study #3, same husband…always had an interest in learning to play the guitar.  He owned one for many years.  Every now and then he would play, as long as he had time, as long as his fingers didn’t hurt, as long as no one was around.  Then one day, he committed to becoming proficient.  Now, he gets up at 5:30 every morning and plays for several hours before work.  He plays for hours on weekends even when he is tired, even when his fingers hurt, even when he is frustrated and feels incompetent, even when…

The one thing that made the difference between his interest and his commitment was having a compelling reason.

So, for day 9 & 10…what’s your why?  Write it down right next to your goals.  Don’t worry if they don’t sound compelling.  They only need to be compelling to you.  You may not get to the compelling reason right away and that’s OK too.  Keep after it.  Keep asking yourself, why?

When you get to the compelling reason you will see a transformation from interest to commitment.  When you are will to do anything even when it’s hard, you will see results!

Now, go be a Goal Digger!!!!