Michael Hyatt’s new book titled, “The Best Year Ever” is a must read if you have a desire to have your best year ever…or just stay tuned for my blogs because for sure, we speak the same language.

I have been studying the thoughts of scarcity and abundance.  I believe that having a scarcity approach to setting goals is why goal setting can feel icky.  When we say, “I want” it implies that you don’t have, and you are right, you don’t.  It kind of makes me feel deprived to think in those terms and even resentful.  So what to do…

Try the abundance approach on for size.  Using this approach you are going to write your goals out in statements as if you have already achieved them.    So instead of, “I want to lose 25 pounds this year, or I want to save $5000, or I want to pay off my credit cards,” you say,   “I have lost 25 pounds this year.”   “I have saved $5000 this year.”  “I have paid off my credit card.”  Stating your goals as if you have achieved them is powerful!!!!!

Read them out load every day.  Get them way down into your subconscious.  Describe the person that you want to be by next year as if you already are.  Describe how do you want to show up in the world, at work, with your boss and co-workers, at home with your family, in your community?  Design your future self!

Now don’t get confused with using the abundance approach as if it is a positive affirmation because they are two different things.  You will still need  positive affirmation thoughts to think when you inner critic shows up, and she/he will.

She/He will show up like this, “you have not lost 25 pounds and you are not going to.”  “You will always be fat and broke, you have no will power and you hate working out.”  You will need your positive affirmation thoughts  to diffuse her/his power over you.

The first step to trumping your brains motivational strategy is to be mindful of your inner critic.  The second step is to be prepared with a positive affirmation thought that is not a lie.  Your brain will reject that thought.

Try this, “I am on the road to a healthier version of myself and I am excited and up for the challenge.”  “I am learning to be a better steward of my money.”

Your brain can accept those thoughts!

So how do you know if you are a scarcity thinker or abundance thinker? Well…

  • Do you act entitled and fearful or thankful and confident?
  • Do you believe that there will not be enough for everyone or do you believe that there is always more where that came from?
  • Are you stingy with your knowledge or are you happy to share everything that you know?
  • Do you say to yourself, “that’s just the way I am,” or do you look for ways to learn and grow.
  • Is your default one of suspicion or trust?
  • Do you resent competition or welcome the opportunity?
  • Do you default to pessimism about the future or are you optimistic about what it has to offer?
  • Do you see challenges as obstacles or opportunities?
  • Are your thoughts small and safe to avoid risk or do you think big and embrace risk?

Being a scarcity thinker will hold you back with self-limiting beliefs, fears and default pessimism.  Now, just because you are an abundance thinker, don’t think that makes achieving goals easy, it doesn’t.  Especially when we set mac-daddy stretch goals.  But, when you are an abundance thinker, you are not bogged down with limiting beliefs and you embrace the challenges that you will face on the journey.

If you think you could use a more abundance thinking mindset then stay tuned…I am going to be talking about that, a lot!

Now, go be a badass goal digging, goal digger!!!!