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So for the first three days you were jotting down your inner critic every time it showed up.  You were recording what you were doing and thinking at the time.

Now it’s time for the next three day focus.  This focus will help us prepare our positive affirmations which is the second tool that we use to manage the brains motivational strategy to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy.

It might be hard to come up with positive affirmations if you have not been in the habit of doing that for a while.  And this is such a powerful tool for any goal or aspiration that you have.   It will give power.

Here is your exercise:  Either using your journal or even just a piece of paper, you are going to number it from 1 to 100.  For the next three days you are going to write down 100 things that you like and appreciate about yourself.  Not what others appreciate about you but what you appreciate about you.

Here are the rules:  you can’t ask anyone what they love about you!  This is you loving you!

It’s hard to spend that much time thinking about yourself and self-love but that is the point.   This will exercise a muscle of self-love that is probably waaaaayyyy overdue.

I have done this and I even had a surprise or two when I did it.  I hope this is fun and impactful for you.

I will be checking in…

Now go be a goal digger!