Are you ready for a “Goal Digger” challenge?

It’s easy to get into the habit of thinking about things we can’t do, can’t have, can’t eat, etc…This type of negative thinking creates a negative vibration that reverberates right out into the universe and guess what comes back?  Negative!

It is this kind of thought process that creates negative pathways in our brain. These thoughts then becomes our internal dialogue, and before your know it, you are in a spin cycle of averageness, yes that’s a word.   Negativity then becomes our default response to almost everything.

Negative thoughts triggers negative emotions and those emotions drive our behaviors of over eating, over spending, constant yelling and over reacting, or maybe gambling, over working, watching too much TV, video games…the list goes on and on.  We all have a spin cycle.  It’s that thing that we do instead of doing what we should do to foster our development in becoming a better version of ourselves.  These actions can result in our being overweight, broke, fractured relationships, stuck etc…You get the picture.

Simplified, your thoughts trigger emotions, emotions trigger behaviors, behaviors drive results.  It all starts with a thought.  If you can learn to control and manage your thoughts, you can manage your emotions, and in the end you can achieve better results.

That is how the world works!

“Just think positive thoughts.”  That’s what every self-help book published since the beginning of time says.  If it were that easy, you would already be doing that and I would not be writing this.

You can rewire your brain and you can re-frame your thoughts.  You can achieve more as a result.  It takes time, effort and work.  I am not going to promise this will be an easy process but it will be worth it.

If you have not read my blog, “Why Can’t I Get Off My A&$”, go ahead and read it, for real, it explains everything that you need to know about why we lose motivation.  It has everything to do with the inner critic.

In the next few days I will be kicking off a 4 week challenge (as in one thing a week, not something for 30 days) where we tackle our inner critic.  Can we learn to live in peace with our inner critic?  I say yes.

Be a  “Goal Digger”!