I am an adult amateur Dressage and Western Dressage enthusiast.  I started riding almost seven years ago, and in that time I have been able to add many awards and accomplishments to my equestrian resume.  Because of my abbreviated riding history though, I can sometimes get caught up in my limiting beliefs and create mind drama, especially this time of year when I am planning my equestrian goals for the year.  Does that resonate with you?  I want to share some of my tricks for overcoming my limiting beliefs and how I set goals that stretch and strengthen me as a rider and equestrian competitor.

  1. Expect your inner critic to show up!  Yep, be ready and invite her in.  Ask her to have a seat in the corner.  Know what you are going to say to her.  It’s going to go something like this, “Thanks for stopping by but I got this.  I plan on accomplishing more than you can even comprehend.  I am not asking for your support, just stay out of my way.”
  2. Next, get laser focused and very clear about why you want to accomplish your objective. Go deep into the why.  Visit your “why” often.  I heard someone say that without your why, you will lose your way.  For sure, 100% I would have quit many times when it got too hot or too cold or I got too tired etc.…my “why” is what keeps me going.
  3. Journal your progress so that you can reflect. Equestrians are quick to forget how far they have come as riders and/or with a particular horse.  Capture your journey and reflect on it often.
  4. Set goals that stretch you. If your goal doesn’t make you a little uncomfortable then you are probably not reaching high enough.  Discomfort is the currency to greatness.
  5. Don’t let it mean anything about you if you don’t hit your goals. It’s just a matter of timing.
  6. Evaluate your rides by asking yourself these three questions: what worked, what didn’t and what needs to be done differently?  Re-evaluate your goals as you see progress.  Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your strategy if you see a need either in you or your horse.
  7. Expect difficult moments on your journey, how well you handle the difficult times will determine your level of success. Anyone can do it when it’s easy.

Be a goal digger!