Goals are meant to give your life direction, dimension, and texture. 

Goals are meant to guide you on the path of becoming the person that you want to be, exactly how you want to show up.

Goals are not about where you come from, but where you are going. 

Goals are not only about what you have or have not accomplished, but what is possible. 

Goals are not meant to defeat, but to inspire. 

Goals are not going to motivate you, you must move forward and invite motivation to follow. 

Merely having a goal will not get you to the destination. 

Missing the target or destination by your specified time is not a measure of failure, it’s a matter of timing. 

As much as achievement counts, who I become along the way is by far more significant. 

There is no end-point, I will always be striving for growth in different areas of my life at different times. 

I accept that with every goal achieved I will have a different level of responsibility and for that reason, I will be responsible with the goals that I set. 

“In 2018 my objectives will be met because I am going to carefully choose and manage my thoughts by selecting the appropriate emotions that will serve me.  By being selective in my emotions I will choose actions that support my goals and as a result I will achieve and exceed my own expectations.”