You’re here!  I am so glad you made it.

I am Janet Cagle.  I am a Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Weight Loss Coach.

I love goals.  I love setting them, working them, tracking them, resetting them, achieving them and then doing it all over again.   

It’s OK if goals aren’t your thing.  You are still going to be glad you landed here.

My goal is to put as much value out into the universe this year as humanly possible and you can be part of that goal!

I am committed to helping you end the struggle, feel better, lose the weight, get the job, launch the business, scale the business, have the marriage and live the life of your dreams…all the things.

When I say I am committed, I am serious. 

I don’t beat around the bush or dance around the issue. 

I don’t just hand out pretty meal plans or give you three steps to have a better anything.

We dive in and design the life of your dreams.  You get the design, the floorplan,  the blueprint and the total creation!!!

I don’t just hold your hand…I hold your vision.

We are going to do the “real life” thing, the challenges, the obstacles and the beauty of it all.

If you are ready for your best year ever, click on work with me to learn more.